The Technology Transfer Office

The main tasks of the TTO include the work at the interfaces between:

  •     Science and industry
  •     Research and application
  •     Science and administration (internally)

At the beginning of the innovation chain, the TTO supports the internal search for new promising inventions and innovation ideas. This is done e.g. through technology screenings and “Inventor and Innovation Days”. Ingoing inventions are assessed by the TTO with respect to patentability and innovation potential. If appropriate, a patent is filed by the AWI.

For intellectual property rights, software developments and commercially relevant services the TTO develops individual valorisation strategies. Innovative approaches are developed towards the market using business networks, cluster structures and bilateral contacts. In many cases inventions are still too far away form market usability. Here the TTO helps to set up validation projects and market searches. Furthermore the TTO seeks for appropriate licensees and cooperation partners.

Additionally, the TTO is the point of contact for industry requests to find tailored innovative solutions via contract research and cooperations.

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