Programme summary

This is the 50th Marine Biology Symposium and it is taking place on Helgoland, a site with important phyto-, zooplankton and other time series. The overarching theme of this EMBS will therefore revolve around long-term changes in the coastal and marine environment. However the programme will take a holistic approach and deal with different aspects of time series research from the primary science (long-term changes, foodweb interactions etc) via data management and emerging technologies (e.g. autonomous sensors) to investigating/communicating the societal relevance of results emanating from time series data. Sessions will be organized so as to avoid, as much as possible, competition between these very different topics that are all of great importance for the maintenance of well-run time series.

Some important information:

  • Sunday September 20th: Afternoon ice breaker prior to the start of the scientific programme
  • September 21st-25th: Scientific sessions Monday through Friday.
  • September 23rd (afternoon): reserved for a series of excursionsSeptember 23rd (evening): Workshop dinner, which will take the form of a BBQ on the beach on the Dune island.