Dr. Hartmut Hellmer

Senior Scientist

Hartmut Hellmer
Division Staff Units | Scientific Education
Climate Sciences | Physical Oceanography of the Polar Seas
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Email Hartmut Hellmer
Phone +49(471)4831-1794
Fax +49(471)4831-1149
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Bussestraße 24
27570 Bremerhaven
( Room F-411)
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Publications and more

Publications, Presentations and Reports: EPIC repository
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Ombudsmann for AWI-PhD students;
Member of the SCAR National Committee;
Member of the advisory climate research group (CRG) for the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Antarctica;
Expert for UN Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment;

Research interests

Southern Ocean;numerical ocean modeling;ocean-ice shelf interaction;thermohaline circulation;ice sheet mass balance;climate change;

Research program

PACES II 1: Changes and regional feedbacks in Arctic and Antarctic
PACES II 1.2: Ice sheet dynamics and mass balance