Prof. Dr. Sulaiman Olan Oladokun


Abteilung Ökologie von Schelfmeersystemen
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E-Mail Sulaiman Olan Oladokun
Telefonnummer +49(471) 4831-1870
Adresse Alfred Wegener Institute

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Conduct transdisciplinary research on marine aquaculture innovative farming technology and system, analysis of current technologies, modelling potential for introduction of new technologies, conduct stakeholder mapping and consultation process, create novel coproduction and knowledge transfer to improve applicability and uptake of research work, collaborate with local and international partners, dissemination of findings to growing scientific discourse on sustainable use of ocean resources.


Applied marine biology and maritime technologies, Ecology and nature - based engineering for bioremediation, climate change adaptation and circular bioeconomy, safety, environmental risk and resilience technology, seaweed & shellfish marine cultivation system modelling, multi-use co-cultivation offshore aquaculture and marine renewable integrated system, biology-engineering interface translactional research for innovative technology, environmental and socioeconomic friendly system for integrated coastal zone management. marine technology and sustainable development.