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Expedition PS122 - MOSAIC

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In this place you are used to find the Weekly Reports from the Polarstern Expeditions.

During the MOSAIC Expedition there will be no weekly reports, but you may keep yourself informed on the Polarstern blog


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PS115.1 – weekly report Nr. 3 | 20.08. – 26.08.2018

Surprising ice conditions favor measurements further north

[27. August 2018] 

The second half of our cruise started with a northwesterly directed transit. To follow the originally planned seismic profiles we would have had to cross an ice field of approximately 20 nautical miles.

PS115.1 - Weekly report no. 2 | 13.08. - 19.08.2018

Geophysics in the fog and an exciting sediment core

[20. August 2018] 

In week two of our four weeks of expedition we have continued our reflexion seismic work in the Northern Greenland Sea.

PS115/1 - Weekly report no. 1 | 5th August - 12th August 2018

Transit from Tromsø and first research operations in the Northeast Greenland area

[14. August 2018] 

The cruise PS115.1 on Polarstern focuses on a geoscientific research program, which has the aim to clarify the geological development of the northern North Atlantic and the shelf area of the surrounding regions.

PS114 - Weekly Report No. 3 | 23 - 29 July 2018

Mooring Work on Foggy Days

[30. July 2018] 

After two long weeks of intense work we can be more than happy with what we have achieved! All our instruments worked really well, we took and analysed lots of water and sediment samples, recorded hundreds of pictures from the water column and of the sea floor so as to document life in the deep sea and we recovered almost a hundred instruments which were continuously recording water mass and current properties for the past two years.

PS114 - Weekly Report No. 2 | 16 - 22 July 2018

Chemistry on Board

[23. July 2018] 

Now we have been working in the working area for 7 days which were intense but successful. A lot of moorings were recovered and deployed. We also took many water and sediment samples and videos which are part of the work of the FRAM infrastructure.