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Expedition PS122 - MOSAIC

Dear reader of the Polarstern weekly reports,

In this place you are used to find the Weekly Reports from the Polarstern Expeditions.

During the MOSAIC Expedition there will be no weekly reports, but you may keep yourself informed on the Polarstern blog


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PS115/2 Weekly Report No. 4 | 24.09. – 30.09.18

A mosaic of silence, storm, sea ice and kastenlot

[01. October 2018] 

Monday (24 Sep). A new week begins – quite similar to the last one. For the next three to four days we have to listen to the “music of the geophysicists”, every 15 seconds the monotonous “wum” will enjoy us.

PS115/2 Weekly Report No 3 | 17. - 23.09.2018

With geophysics and geology towards 83°05’N – the northernmost position of our expedition

[25. September 2018] 

Monday/Tuesday (17/18 Sep 18). A new week begins - fog, calm sea, ice free. Nothing reminds us that we are in the Arctic Ocean (but this may change soon when are steaming northwards end of this week!).

PS115/2 Weekly Report No. 2 | 10.09. - 16.09.2018

We are ready to start – About Super-Puma, polar bear, kastenlot and OBS

[18. September 2018] 

Monday (10 Sep 18). Shortly after midnight, (the first weekly report with positive news about the start of our research in a few hours has just been sent out) bad news for us: a case of medical emergency, the expedition’s program has to be stopped, we have to steam with full speed back to Longyearbyen – a long way! At 19:45, however, good news from the captain: tomorrow evening we will have a rendezvous with a long-range rescue helicopter NE of Svalbard at 81°N/41°E where a rescue team will take-over our patient.

PS115.2 Wochenbericht Nr. 1 | 03.09. – 09.09.18

From Longyearbyen through the Northeast Passage towards the Siberian Arctic

[10. September 2018] 

Monday (03.09.18). Since early Monday morning “Polarstern“ is anchoring in the Isfjorden, directly off Longyearbyen, and waiting for the new crew and the new group of scientists, who will be embarked for the coming Leg.

PS115.1 Weekly Report No. 4 | 27.08. – 02.09.2018

Last work in the northeastern Greenland Sea in the final week of the cruise

[03. September 2018] 

After returning to the part of the Wandel Sea just off the coast of Kronprins Christian Land, the northeasternmost point of Greenland, station work started including heat flow measurements and sediment sampling (box corer and gravity corer).