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Expedition PS122 - MOSAIC

Dear reader of the Polarstern weekly reports,

In this place you are used to find the Weekly Reports from the Polarstern Expeditions.

During the MOSAIC Expedition there will be no weekly reports, but you may keep yourself informed on the Polarstern blog


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PS94 Weekly Report No. 2 | 24. August till 30. August 2015

Fast, Normal, Large, Ultra-clean!

[30. August 2015] 

Big relief! As of last Sunday our “Large Rosette” is finally working. The Large Rosette is just another device we use for measuring vertical casts of temperature and salinity and taking a series of water samples at the same time.

PS94 Weekly Report No. 1 | 17. till 23. August 2015

Between boxes and containers

On Monday, August 17, at 5 pm, in bright sunshine we departed from Tromsoe.

[23. August 2015] 

On Monday, August 17, at 5 pm, in bright sunshine we departed from Tromsoe. The beautiful fjord landscape distracted us from the worry if all last minute freight sent to Tromsoe really had made its way onboard - but of course everything was already safely stored by the cargo officer and the crew.

PS93.2 Weekly Report No. 4 | 10 August until 15 August 2015

With High Tech into the Deep Sea

[14. August 2015] 

This is the fourth and final weekly report from a technically and logistically very challenging expedition to the LTER (Long-Term Ecological Research) observatory HAUSGARTEN.

PS93.2 Weekly Report No. 3 | 3 August until 9 August 2015

At ground level, in the water, and in the air – marine research in 2015

[10. August 2015] 

As promised in our last weekly report, we would like to start with a description of the benthic work, i.e. the work carried out at the deep seafloor. Yet, there is much more to marine biological research, as you will see/read below.

PS93.2 Weekly Report No. 2 | 27 July until 2 August 2015

„Water World“ – Investigations in the water column

[03. August 2015] 

The second weekly report from this year’s cruise to the deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN will present the work carried out by our planktologists and marine chemists.