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PS94 Weekly Report No. 7 | 28. September till 4. October 2015

Ice-free diet for copepods

[06. October 2015] 

How will the Arctic ecosystems react on climate change – how will they change as a consequence of the ongoing summer sea ice decrease? These are the questions moving our biologists and therefore they study flora and fauna in the sea ice, the water and at the sea floor. Hence our transects through the Arctic contain also net hauls and a considerable part of the water from the rosettes goes to the biologists.

PS94 Weekly report No. 6 | 21. till 27. September 2015

Using ice as a buoy

[27. September 2015] 

Our last ice station started September 22. This time we had also to consider limitations by the daylight since at 85°N the sun goes back to have a daily cycle again.

PS94 Weekly Report No. 5 | 15. till 20. September 2015

Searching for suitable ice

[20. September 2015] 

On Friday evening we spent three hours searching for an ice floe. Not that there was no ice – just as during the whole cruise so far, also now our progress is hampered by huge ice floes that we have to circumvent, and ridges that we have to pass by ramming.

PS94 Weekly Report No. 4 | 9. till 15. September 2015

In the Makarov Basin

Difficult Ice Conditions

[15. September 2015] 

On September 9, we sailed south along 120°W from the Amundsen Basin across the Lomonosov Ridge into the Makarov Basin, thereby conducting Large Rosette, Ultra-clean Rosette and XCTD casts. Because of the difficult ice conditions our progress was very slow.

PS94 Weekly Report No. 3 | 31. August till 8. September 2015

The transect along 60° E

[10. September 2015] 

During the past ten days we continued our transect along 60°E towards north, which we had started at the end of week 35. On August 31, we arrived at the southern slope of the Gakkel Ridge and conducted a Geotraces station, i.e. we ran a cast with the Large Rosette (see weekly report 2) and after that an Ultra-Clean Rosette cast.