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Expedition PS122 - MOSAIC

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In this place you are used to find the Weekly Reports from the Polarstern Expeditions.

During the MOSAIC Expedition there will be no weekly reports, but you may keep yourself informed on the Polarstern blog


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PS95.2 Wochenbericht No. 2 | 16 till 22 November 2015

Across the Equator

[24. November 2015] 

After leaving the Cape Verde Islands, the next days were rather quiet. We had regular stations every morning with XBT mesurements and bucket samples from the slow-moving ship. As time for stations is very short on transect cruises we have to use underway measurements as much as possible. Additional measurements are obtained using instrumentse comprising of the ship’s thermosalinograph, the Ferry Box and satellite images. 

PS95.2 Weekly Report No. 1 | 9 till 15 November 2015

Under Saharan Dust

[16. November 2015] 

After 13 days at sea Polarstern reached Las Palmas on the Canary Islands on the 10th November. The team of three geophysicists left the ship and six new people came on board: two technicians to test the satellite antennae system, Sören Krägefski to calibrate the EK60 Ecosounder, two people to support the TROPOS team (Leipzig Institute for Tropospheric Research) and Karin Lochte as the new cruise leader. We also had a visit of the Director and colleagues from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography IEO (Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia) and POGO, who were...

PS95.1 Weekly Report No. 2 | 2 till 8 November 2015

An unexpected encounter and the issue with the motion sensor

[09. November 2015] 

“Heaven smiles when angles travel” – tells an old German saying. If this is true, we must have many angles on board looking at the extremely good weather conditions we have had till now. It didn’t even breeze in the Biscay and thus, we were able to conduct all planned station work.

PS95.1 Weekly Report No. 1| 29 October till 1 November 2015

The “floating summer school” begins

[03. November 2015] 

On Tuesday October 29, 2015 was cast off at 13:00 h on the dot. Two tugboats maneuvered Polarstern into the lock. Once in the Weser she starts steaming and leaves Bremerhaven southbound for the Antarctic season 2015/16. 43 crew members as well as 52 scientists and students are on board.

PS95 Summary| 29 October till 2 December 2015 (Bremerhaven - Cape Town)

The Polarstern-Expedition PS95

Floating summer school

[29. October 2015] 

The expedition PS 95 is split in two legs: PS95.1 transit cruise from Bremerhaven to Las Palmas and PS 95.2 from Las Palmas to Cape Town. Both legs are dedicated to the training of students.