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PS96 Weekly Report No. 8 | 1 - 7 February 2016

Farewell to East Antarctica and passage through the Weddell Sea

[10. February 2016] 

No – we did not forget about the four men at Drescher Inlet and left them there for overwintering. The helicopters brought them and all their equipment back to the ship last week. It was fascinating to see how they reported about their work with the typical Antarctic glaze in their clear eyes. The stories of their impressions bubbled out of their mouths like freshwater from a thawed water fall.

PS96 Weekly Report No. 7 | 25 till 31 Janauary 2016

Research final

[01. February 2016] 

Each brilliant movie, fireworks display, symphony or football World Cup tournament (at least from a German point of view) ends with a great final. At the end of the station work everybody and every team is showing off and demonstrating what they are capable of, also on this expedition. All gear used for marine science is deployed (one by one, not simultaneously!). You must have experienced yourself the complexity of deployments and techniques and the variety of results to appreciate this. The selected photographs attached to our letters only can give...

PS96 Weekly Report No. 6 | 18 till 24 Janauary 2016

Variety of station work – science at its finest

[25. January 2016] 

A huge, wooden box is sitting on the deck for several days. When it reveals its content, a weather station appears, which is destined to be deployed on a solid ice floe and to keep in touch with home via satellite connection. Like everything what we deploy on ice floes we won’t see it again. However, how will it be deployed onto the ice?

PS96 Weekly Report No. 5 | 11 - 17 Janauary 2016

Approach through the A23A polynya to Ronne Depot

[21. January 2016] 

A23A: The Filchner Ice Shelf once had a pointed edge. This is sometimes referred to as the “Horn von Druzhnaya“ - named after a former Russian summer camp which was sited there. The horn broke off back in 1986 and disintegrated into three large fragments that drifted offshore. The two smaller fragments (A22+A24) embarked on a journey around Antarctica and ‘merged’ with the Southern Ocean. The largest fragment A23A ran aground on Berkner Bank. This iceberg is still resting there today, after having been labelled ‘A23A’ for identification purposes.


PS96 Weekly Report No. 4 | 1 till 9 January 2016

The New Year‘s Day profile and the truth uncovered by the corer

[13. January 2016] 

The New Year started immediately with comprehensive station work. Occasionally, however, you could get the impression that Neptune was unhappy with this work being carried out in his private home.