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PS98 Weekly Report No. 2 | 18 - 24 April 2016

Through the humid southern trade winds

[26. April 2016] 

We are now in the second week of our cruise back to Bremerhaven and have already nearly reached the equator. For the last few days, we have experienced tropical weather conditions with temperatures around 28°C and high humidity.

PS98 Weekly report No. 1 | 10 - 17 April 2016

Beginning the return voyage

[19. April 2016] 

The last cruise section of this year’s Antarctic season for Polarstern started on 10 April 2016 in Punta Arenas and will end on 12 May in Bremerhaven. Until Las Palmas, we have 14 scientists on board who are mainly studying the atmosphere above the ship. Another group takes care of the transport of king crabs. In Las Palmas 25 additional people will board our vessel for an echosound training course.

PS97 Weekly Report No. 7 | 30 March - 6 April 2016

Towards the Strait of Magellan

[07. April 2016] 

For both crew and scientists the last week of our Polarstern expedition PS97 required everyone to dig deep. A varied geological, geophysical and oceanographic work program was accompanied, or shall we say interrupted, by two major storms.

PS97 Weekly Report No. 6 | 21 - 29 March 2016

Back at the Chilean Continental Margin

[30. March 2016] 

After a successful second traverse of the Drake Passage for both the biological and geological work groups we once again approach coastal waters.

PS97 Weekly Report No. 5 | 14. - 20. March 2016

The Drake Passage – Second Traverse

[20. March 2016] 

During the fifth week of our Polarstern expedition PS97 we left the Antarctic Peninsula area close to Elephant Island to start our second Drake Passage traverse toward South America.