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Expedition PS122 - MOSAIC

Dear reader of the Polarstern weekly reports,

In this place you are used to find the Weekly Reports from the Polarstern Expeditions.

During the MOSAIC Expedition there will be no weekly reports, but you may keep yourself informed on the Polarstern blog


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PS106/1 - Weekly Report No. 3 | 5 - 13 June 2017

Week 1 at the ice floe

[14. June 2017] 

After successfully building up all measurement sites we now have reached a full week with a multitude of observations. This report provides a few examples of what and how we are measuring in our little white floe, we call our home. Oddly enough we didn't manage to give it a name, probably because we all know that it will soon be gone. 

PS106/1 - Weekly Report No. 2 | 30 May - 5 June 2017

In and on the ice

[08. June 2017] 

Following our planned schedule three persons where exchanged by helicopter as we passed Longyearbyen. .

PS106/1 - Weekly Report No. 1 | 24. - 30. May 2017

Underway observations

[30. May 2017] 

On May 24, 2017 at 12:00 Polarstern has departed for the Arctic Expeditions in summer 2017.

PS105 - Weekly Report No. 1 | 20 March - 11 April 2017

Transit cruise from Punta Arenas to Las Palmas

[06. April 2017] 

This year’s return journey of RV Polarstern from Antarctica began with the departure in Punta Arenas in the evening of March 20, 2017. We left a bit earlier than scheduled with a small team of scientists and technicians on board through the Magellan Strait bound for the Atlantic.



PS104 - Weekly Report No. 6 | 13 - 18 March 2017


[21. March 2017] 

In this last weekly report, I will give a short résumé of our exciting expedition. We left with great expectations for the Amundsen Sea 6 weeks ago with the MeBo drilling device and other scientific equipment on board to collect samples and data that will help us to decipher the history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.