Weekly Reports Polarstern

The Expedition PS119 Punta Arenas - Port Stanley

During R/V POLARSTERN cruise PS119 we are planning to investigate hydrothermal vents and potential cold seeps at the Sandwich micro-plate using the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) MARUM-QUEST. The planned research is based on the discovery of unique hydrothermal vent ecosystems at the back-arc spreading East Scotia Ridge as well as at submarine volcanoes of the South Sandwich Island Arc. The overarching theme of the project is to study in a comparative way the geological settings of geofuel emissions at the seafloor with their associated ecological hot spots. In a cross-disciplinary approach, we intend to study aspects of geology, geochemistry, microbiology, symbiont-host relationships as well as eukaryotic biogeography in an international research consortium combining experts in their respective field of sciences. Addition investigations of the South Sandwich volcanoes as well as the distribution of wales are further topics of the research cruise PS119.

PS119 - Weekly Report No. 6 | 13 - 19 May 2019

To the smoking volcano of Saunders Island

[20. May 2019] 

Like last week, we spent the sixth week in the southernmost area of the South Sandwich Plate, from the back-arc spreading ridge of the segments 8 and 9 in the west to the Kemp Caldera. The volcano of Kemp Caldera is part of the collision zone with the South American plate to the East. A look to our expedition logo shows symbolically the spreading ridge on the left and flowing to the right the volcanoes, fore-arc area and subduction zone.

PS119 - Weekly Report No. 5 | 6 - 12 May 2019

White smoker and yellow sulphur of the Kemp Caldera

[14. May 2019] 

On Sunday, 5th May, we arrived at the Kemp Caldera, a prominent crater of volcanic origin at the southern end of the South Sandwich volcanic arc.

PS119 - Weekly Report No. 4 | 29 April - 5 May 2019

Active volcanoes of the South Sandwich Island Arc

[06. May 2019] 

We started the new week on Monday, 29th April, with a long dive to sample smoking chimneys and vent animals in the known hydrothermal field of the segment E2-South. Here we concentrated our efforts on the active vent systems around Dog’s Head, a complex structure consisting of 4 chimneys, which are lined up nicely one after the other, fused on their bases and characterised by single black smoking orifices in 12-15m height.  

PS119 - Weekly Report No. 3 | 23 - 28 April 2019

The East Scotia Ridge – where new seafloor grows

[29. April 2019] 

Despite not neglecting station work and the associated scientific analyses over the Easter days, we were able to celebrate the Easter. At first priority stands a big thanks to the crew of RV Polarstern as they decorated the public areas and canteens to create an Easterly feeling on board.

PS119 Weekly Report No. 2 | 16 - 22 April 2019

South Georgia - Gate to Antarctica

[24. April 2019] 

After the departure from Punta Arenas and an 8-hourly passage through the Magellan Strait RV Polarstern started a 4-day transit bound for South Georgia. This time without station work was used by our 51 scientists from Germany, USA, Costa Rica, Austria, UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chile, Taiwan, France, India, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland to further set up laboratories and to intensely exchange talks on the various research aims of this expedition.