The Climates of the Geological Past

Facsimile reprint of the original German edition with translation
[07. October 2015] 

Alfred Wegener is known for his theory of continental drift which he published exactly 100 years ago in 1915. Slightly less known, but equally important are the studies on the climates of the geological past, which he carried out and published together with his father-in-law Wladimir Köppen.

Unfortunately, all copies of the book were destroyed in World War II, except for a few private copies, so that this book is practically not available.

The book “The Climates of the Geological Past” by Wladimir Köppen and Alfred Wegener – originally published in 1924 – has now been published as a facsimile reprint of the original German edition including a full English translation "The Climates of the Geological Past".

The reprint will be officially presented today at the GeoBerlin Conference in the presence of Wegener's grandson Günther Schönharting.

Editors: Jörn Thiede, Karin Lochte, Angelika Dummermuth; 657 pages, ISBN 978-3-443-01088-1

Further information is available on the publisher’s website: Schweizerbart/Borntraeger


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