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Alfred Wegener Institute on Oceanology International

Focus on marine science and ocean technology in exhibition and conference
[15. March 2016] 

The Alfred Wegener Institute participates in the Oceanology International, one of the world's leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference. It is held in London every two years and takes place in London from 15 to 17 March 2016.

Attracting visitors from a variety of industries including engineering, renewables, oil & gas, maritime security as well as marine science, Oceanology International gives AWI the opportunity to present its state-of-the art technology offers to a wide audience.

At booth M250 AWI will present technology developments and offers from different research areas. These include, e.g. a patented water sampler for the use in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV's), or the software ODV developed by AWI scientists tailor made to handle and visualize large oceanographic data sets. AWI's participation in the ROBEX Alliance (Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments) which focuses on robotic technology for deep sea and space, will be a topic as well as MANIDA (Marine Network for Integrated Data Access), a Helmholtz initiative aiming at the handling, and dissemination of Marine Data.

Moreover, the spin-off company SubSeaSpec, specialising on underwater mass spectrometry will present its services. Underwater mass spectrometry allows for extremely precise and fast detection of chemicals underwater and can be used e.g. to detect point sources of methane and other hydrocarbon. 



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