Living Forams 2020

Living Foraminifera as a Key to understand the Past, Present and Future

Aims of this conference series (in the sense of the two previous workshops)

This conference is the third in a series of workshops that have been held every 4 years, starting in 2012 (Okinawa, Japan) followed by one in Eilat (Israel) 4 years later.

Fossil shells of foraminifera are used in many different fields of research such as evolutionary biology, monitoring, paleoceanography and -climatology. Each of these disciplines requires a basic understanding of their biology, ecological functioning, their population dynamics and how they calcify and incorporate geochemical signatures. The goal of this workshop is to bring together graduate and PhD students working on living foraminifera with experienced foram workers who will demonstrate new techniques and share and discuss progress in our knowledge related to biology and ecology of foraminifera.

Highlights: Observe deep sea benthics under in situ pressures; discover geochemical fingerprinting as a possible new field to record physiological state; learn the newest methods and techniques in the fields of …

The workshops are limited to 10-15 participants and the conference is limited to ca. 100 participants. Directly related the the Living Forams 2020 conference, 6 workshops and the FRESCO summerschool will be offered and organised at different locations (24.-26 Juni):



1) FRESCO summerschool (Angers, France), organised by Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Geslin (University of Angers) and Dr. Charlotte Lekieffre (University of Angers)

2) FOraminiferal Bio-Monitoring (FOBiMO; AWI, Helgoland), organised by Dr. Joachim Schönfeld (Geomar, Kiel) and Prof. Dr. Frans Jorissen (University of Angers)

3) Collection, maintenance and life observations (AWI, Bremerhaven)

  • "shallow water benthics" organised by Dr. Inge van Dijk (AWI, Bremerhaven) & Siham de Goeyse (NIOZ, Texel, Nl)
  • "deep sea forams" organised by Dr. Jutta Wollenburg (AWI, Bremerhaven) & Prof. Dr. Petra Heinz (University Vienna)

4) Biomineralisation (AWI, Bremerhaven)

  • "Structural analysis: RAMAN; AFM" organised by Dr. Gernot Nehrke (AWI, Bremerhaven) & Dr. Inge van Dijk (AWI, Bremerhaven)
  • "Confocal laser scanning microscopy" organised by Prof. Dr. Jaroslaw Tyszka (University Krakow), Dr. Ulf Bickmeier (AWI, Bremerhaven), Dr. Takashi Toyofuku (JAMSTEC, Yokohama) & Dr. Lennart de Nooijer (NIOZ, Texel, Netherlands)

5) Geochemical fingerprinting (AWI, Bremerhaven) Laser ablation; wet chemistry and ICP-MS organised by Dr. Grit Steinhöfel, Dr. Markus Raitzsch, Dr. Albert Benthien, Dipl. Ing. Klaus-Uwe Richter (all AWI, Bremerhaven)

6) Phylogeny/Genetics/Omics/Barcoding (Marum, University Bremen) organised by Prof. Dr. Michal Kucera & Dr. Raphael Morard (both Marum, Bremen) in cooperation with Dr. Maria Holzmann and Prof. Dr. Jan Pavlowski (University of Geneva)



Living Forams 2020

24 June - 26 June 2020 - Workshops

Angers (France), Helgoland (Germany), Bremerhaven (Germany), Bremen (Germany)

28 June - 1 July 2020 - Conference

Bremerhaven (Germany)