FoSSI - Family of Simplified Solver Interfaces

The Family of Simplified Solver Interfaces is designed for an easy integration and selection of parallel solvers in Fortran codes which make use of compressed sparse row matrix format (CSR). FoSSI contains rather similar interfaces to the most popular and wide spread parallel solver libraries obtainable on the web: PETSC, HYPRE, AZTEC and MUMPS. Furthermore, an interface to the PILUT-library is included together with the PILUT-solver itself.

For details, please read a paper on FoSSI, published as technical report at BremHLR.

A revised version is available at


Ocean Modeling, Volume 10, Issues 1-2 , 2005, Pages 185-191
The Second International Workshop
on Unstructured Mesh Numerical Modelling of Coastal,
Shelf and Ocean Flows


Download FoSSI-1.32 for Petsc-2.3.2, MUMPS-4.3.2, Aztec-2.1, Hypre-1.8b

25.11.2009: we ported FoSSI to latest PETSc (3.0.0)

Download FoSSI-1.43 for Petsc-3.0.0-p9 with petsc-built-in Hypre

an example matrix can be dumped into FoSSI-1.43 from

You should compile Petsc with Hypre-support enabled.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Frickenhaus
Dr. Lars Nerger


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