As a university lecturer into AWI

Scientists from universities and research institutions in Germany and abroad are cordially welcome as lecturers and guest researchers at the two AWI sites on the islands of Helgoland (Biological Station Helgoland, BAH) and Sylt (Wadden Sea Station). Our visiting scientists may use well-equipped laboratories and training facilities, and in consultation with the employees on-site they have free access to the stations, further labs and scientific libraries. Furthermore, the local research vessels can be used for university courses.

University courses on Helgoland and Sylt

Biological Institute Helgoland (BAH)

By its geographical position in the middle of the North Sea, the Biological Institute Helgoland (BAH) offers ideal conditions for marine biology research. Investigations in the water around Helgoland can be optimally complemented by experiments and cultivation tests at the on-site laboratories. Research is primarily conducted on the lifecycles of marine organisms: algae, crabs, mussels and bristle worms of the North Sea are the centre of attention for the scientists.

More than 100 visiting scientists and 700 course participants take advantage of the BAH offerings every year. For instructional purposes the station offers several training rooms with seating for up to 50 persons as well as organisational support. Furthermore, the BAH regularly conducts in-house marine biology courses for junior researchers as well as for highschool teachers.

If you would like to carry out a university course for students on Helgoland, you will find further information on the organisation and registration here.

Wadden Sea Station Sylt

The Wadden Sea Station on Sylt is internationally known for its ecological field research. The ideal coastal location enables experimental approaches which cannot be realized elsewhere. Innumerable university courses have been conducted at the station for many years. Furthermore, special training courses and scientific workshops have been established in recent years. Modern labs and training facilities have been available since 2007.

Further information on the registration and organisation of university courses for students at the Wadden Sea Station can be found here.