Helgoland is Germany's only open sea island, situated 70 km away from the mainland. Due to its strategic location, Helgoland was fought over in the past and was part of the United Kingdom for almost the entire 19th century. Currently, about 1,300 people live permanently on the island, which still attracts a large number of tourists, both day visitors as well as holidaymakers who stay for a longer time. Not only is the duty-free shopping attractive, but also the peacefulness in this special, secluded location on less than 2 square kilometres in the middle of the high seas. On the dunes, a barrier island that can be reached by ferry in a few minutes, you can swim and watch seals and sea lions.

Even the small airport is located on the dunes – which is important for AWI staff, since it provides the quickest way to the mainland. The airline OFD has daily flights to and from Bremerhaven (with a flight time of about 20-25 minutes). So the headquarters of the institute is also relatively easy to reach – assuming that the weather cooperates. More time is required for arrival by water – several shipping companies maintain boat and ferry services to Helgoland from Bremerhaven, Büsum, Cuxhaven or Wilhelmshaven.

On Helgoland, AWI offers not only the opportunity for long-term work and research, but also a wide range of exciting opportunities for pupils and university students to learn and take courses on the island:

Offers for pupils on Helgoland

Offers for university students and professors on Helgoland

And also on Helgoland work-life balance is important to us!

For more informationen about Helgoland, go to http://www.helgoland.de/en/welcome.html.