Bremerhaven has about 100,000 inhabitants and, together with the city of Bremen, forms the state of Bremen. The port defines the city: Bremerhaven is one of the 25 largest container ports in the world and is still a major shipyard – among others, the Lloyd shipyard is located here, in which the necessary repairs to the AWI "flagship" FS Polarstern are conducted. Bremerhaven has also been able to establish itself as an important location for the offshore wind energy industry.

In recent years, the "Havenwelten", a maritime part of Bremerhaven on the Weser river, has become more and more attractive – not only can popular museums, such as the Auswandererhaus [Emigrant House], the Klimahaus [Climate House] and the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum [German Maritime Museum] be found there, but also the Zoo am Meer and the new shopping centre Mediterraneo.

It is not only the port and maritime flair that make Bremerhaven stand out. It is also science: There are over 3,000 students at the "technical university by the sea", and with about 900 employees at the site, AWI naturally has an impact on the city. About ten minutes' walk from the striking former main building that resembles a ship in the city centre is the likewise architecturally interesting extension at the commercial port (see picture). There in the general complex now work most of the staff – many scientists and technical employees as well as the majority of the administration of AWI. Others work in an additional central building or at one of several other small sites that are scattered all over Bremerhaven, such as the port warehouse in the port area, in which the expedition equipment is stored.

More information on Bremerhaven can be found on the city webpage.

For those wanting either a rural or a metropolitan lifestyle, there is also the opportunity to work at AWI Bremerhaven and to live in the Lower Saxony region or in Bremen. Bremen is about 65 km away and easily accessible via highway A27 and a rail link (hourly regional express link, approximate travel time of 35 minutes).