Mobile Working at AWI

We are happy to offer you more than just flexible working hours at AWI: If your tasks allow so, you may also work up to 50% of your working hours flexibly in terms of location, i.e. from outside the institute facilities. There are two options available that you may use after after consultation with your supervisor.


Teleworking offers you a reliable framework: You agree on fixed days when you work outside AWI, at a fixed location (usually your apartment or house). With this instrument, we particularly wish to strengthen the compatibility of work and family. Teleworking is therefore intended for employees with family responsibilities (children, relatives in need of care) and some other groups of staff.

Mobile working

Mobile working is basically open to all AWI employees, provided their tasks allow so. In contrast to teleworking, mobile working is flexible in terms of location and time: you may work from outside AWI for the hours agreed on with your supervisors (up to 50% of your regular working time). You choose the place of work yourself: This can be your home, the home of relatives, a café, your allotment garden... The important thing is that the location is in Germany and that data protection and work safety can be guaranteed. Fixed days of mobile working are not intended: You discuss your mobile working hours individually and at short notice with your supervisor.

With the option of working up to 50% remotely (teleworking or mobile working), we are offering something that many of our employees appreciate in terms of work-life balance - and which also recognises that there is no alternative to being at the AWI and having direct and personal interaction.


Human Resources Department

Katharina Friederich