Members of our study group

Dipl. Biol. Christoph Walcher (Dive Mission Leader)


Dr. Cornelia Roder (deputy head CSD)

Dipl. Geol. Marco Warmuth (BTA and dive mission leader)

Hubertus Richter (Master student)

Kristin Sprenger (Master student)

Gustavo Gumprich (Master student)

Jonas Löb (Master student)

Johanna Meinecke (Bachelor student)

Dina Biehn (Bachelor student)

Andrea Schlunk (Master student)

Jan Göbel (Bachelor student)

Robin Lenz (Bachelor student)

M.Sc. Markus Brand (PhD Candidate and Dive Mission Leader)

M.Sc. Christopher Groß (PhD Candidate)

M.Sc. Lisa Spotowitz (PhD Candidate)

Dr. Ingeborg Bussmann (Consulting Scientist)