Important environmental topics like climate change and biodiversity loss are globally discussed through a range of intergovernmental platforms like the IPCC and the IPBES. These international panels develop guidance and measures of implementation for national governments in order to address the environmental degradation and to achieve the international goals and commitments for a sustainable development.

These assessments play an important role internationally, however their results only find partial application in the national political context. This is mainly due to the lack of thorough assessment of the political need for such information. In INTERNAS, we take the results of international environmental assessments and discuss them with national stakeholders from NGOs, state agencies, politicians, relevant actors from the economy, creative industry, the arts, science and policy counselling.

Currently, we focus on the following assessments:

IPBES Global Assessment and IPBES European and Central Asian Assessment

World Ocean Assessment of the United Nations

and the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) of UNEP