Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

We transfer the findings from our biomechanical basic research into technology by applying different engineering techniques. In particilar, the combination of an integrative approach of design, calculation and optimization with biomimetic principles allows us to develop efficient and multifunctional lightweight solutions.

As part of our new approach to Generative Engineering, we use the ELISE software, whose first version was developed in our research unit and which is now part of the spin-off ELiSE GmbH. Parametric CAD constructions allow a bidirectional data exchange with Finite Element and optimization programs and thus a directed design of components according to given requirements. The resulting structures of this highly efficient optimization  process are load-balanced and show a homogeneous stress distribution. The integration of aspects such as vibration control, robustnesss and crashworthiness are investigated in current and future research projects.

Besides the innovative Generative Engineering, we work with conventional engineering techniques. SolidWorks, CATIA and Rhinoceros are available for CAD design. Static and dynamic Finite Element calculations are conducted with HyperWorks and ANSYS.