Isolation and cultivation

In our plankton laboratory, we keep various microalgae cultures from the North Sea, the Atlantic and from Arctic and Antarctic seas.

For the isolation and cultivation of microalgae from fresh net catches from the North Sea and from polar expeditions, we have various stereo magnifiers at our disposal (see microscopy). In addition, our plankton laboratory is equipped with climatic chambers which allow us to keep the microalgae at different temperature and light conditions, depending on the needs of the individual species.

Depending on the nutrient requirements, culture media (F/2-, K-, L1- and WC-medium), based on seawater or freshwater, are available for the different species.

List of species

GenusMediumT in °CLight in µESize in µmShapeOrigin
Actinoptychus senarius (4x)F/2155020-150cylindrical  North Sea / Helgoland
Coscinodiscus graniiF/2155040-200cylindrical  North Sea / Helgoland
Coscinodiscus wailesii (2x)F/21550250-500cylindrical  North Sea / Helgoland

Thalassiosira punctigeraF/2155040-185cylindrical   
Odontella (4x)F/2155040-250elliptic / cylinder - chainsNorth Sea / Helgoland

Achnanthes taeniataF/2155060elliptic / cylinder -         connected to ribbon-like bandsNorth Sea / Helgoland
Mediopyxis helysia F/2155085-125elliptic / cylinder - chainsNorth Sea / Helgoland
Skeletonema costatumF/2151005cylindrical - chains 
Eucampia groenlandicaK + Si41040cylindrical - chainsArctic / Beaufort Sea
Helicotheca sp.K + Si15100100rectangular - chainsAtlantic / English Channel
Pleurosigma sp.K + Si15100 elongated ellipticalAtlantic / English Channel
Porosira glacialis (Arctic)K + Si41060cylindrical - chainsArctic / Beaufort Sea
Porosira glacialis (Antarctic)L145035 Antarctic / Fildes Bay
Navicula sp.K + Si15100 rectangular  Atlantic / English Channel
Pinnularia ilkaschoenfelderaeWC4   Svalbard
Caloneis siliculaWC4   Svalbard
Hantzschia amphioxysWC4   Svalbard
Navicula radiosaWC4   Svalbard
Melosira  4 25-70cylindrical