Biomimetics and AI for sustainable innovations in lightweight construction

Problem definition

Limiting climate change while at the same time increasing economic performance and maintaining the country's own qualitiy claim "Made in Germany" is the major challenge facing Germany and its companies in the 21st century. One of the key technologies for achieving this ambitious goal is lightweight construction and CO2 savings that can be achieved during the product utilization phase - especially in the area of mobility - through weight reduction. However, the often CO2-intensive production and recycling processes must not be ignored in this context.

In BIKINI, integrated solutions are to be developed that enable sustainable products over the entire life cycle as well as along the vertical and horizontal process chain. The consortium is pursuing this approach with biology-inspired design algorithms and AI-based assistance services in product creation, taking into account and integrating downstream product life phases. In this way, sustainable solutions are to be achieved with accelerated development at the same time.

For further information, please visit the website of the BIKINI project (only in german language available).

Collaborative partner

Project management
Jess Maertterer

Dr. Christian Hamm
Firas Breish

Jess Maertterer
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01.10.2021 until 30.09.2024
(36 months)


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