Research Unit 4 (Topic 4)

Bridging research and society: Products, tools and climate services

Climate and other environmental changes strongly affect marine systems, polar and coastal regions and thus pose major challenges to society. Many of the related policy and economic decisions made today have a profound impact on our future economy and lifestyle. In fact, decision makers require additional expert guidance to incorporate complex climate related effects in decision-making processes and move from awareness to action.

The overall research question of research unit 4 is how to improve the benefit of knowledge generated within PACES II for societal needs and with which methods sustainable dialogues between sciences, public and specific stakeholders can be established. To this end, dedicated products and activities have been developed to inform and to improve the incorporation of stakeholders into AWI science, developments and outcomes. Our products and activities include the bi-annual Arctic Dialogue across various federal ministries, the development of an information portal on sea ice ( and the data assimilation schemes for forecast systems.

Furthermore, we were able to deepen the understanding for institutional and individual responsibility for knowledge transfer in basic research units, e.g., via the Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP) call for tender. 


WP 1: Operational analyses and forecasting

Mission statement: Develop preoperational systems for environmental conditions in the Arctic Ocean and the North Sea based on the integration of observations and modelling and provide data products of synoptic analyses and short-term forecasts.

Principal Investigator: Lars Nerger

WP 2: Channelling research data to enhanced data products

Mission statement: Societal groups are provided with improved technology for a simple access to complex data and information extracted from computer models and observations produced and aggregated in coastal and polar marine research. 

Principal Investigator: Stephan Frickenhaus

WP 3: Providing information – enabling knowledge

Mission statement: This work package provides a structure to enable scientific knowledge of coastal and polar issues in the public. People’s perception and understanding of this knowledge are analysed, research results are assessed and adaptable information products for stakeholders based on scientific insights from global to regional scales are developed.

Principal Investiagtor: Gesche Krause