Weather Forecast Dronning Maud Land / DROMLAN-Service

During autral summer Neumayer serves as weather forecast center for the  Dronning Maud Land. The forecaster ( is a meteorologist from the German Weather Services with special Antarctic experiences. He get assisted from colleagues in Germany (  One of the main task of the forecasters is to support the Dronning Maud Land Air Network (DROMLAN) coordinated by the Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI).

The work is done in close cooperation with the meteorologists of the station ( contribute with near real time satellite pictures, ground and upper air measurements from Neumayer, as well as the 3-hourly synoptic observations and landing conditions. Most of their work is available in near real time the whole year through.

Stations/camps with low bandwidth are recommended to bookmark distinct products of interest  of interest to obtain current information on demand with a minimum of data transfer.


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