The PAMARCMiP 2015 (Polar Airborne Measurements and Arctic Regional Climate Model Simulation Project) project as basic part of the NETCARE spring 2015 activity was organized around the capacity of the AWI aircraft POLAR 5 and POLAR 6 to provide unique data of aerosol, Black Carbon and clouds, meteorological conditions, as well as sea ice thickness in a latitude band between about 65°N and 85°N.

The campaign 2015 was extend in compare to the past Arctic tours by an detailed program for aerosol and cloud study as measuring part of the Canadian project NETCARE by using the second aircraft. In total 181 hours for both aircraft were operated. This campaign measured Black Carbon and its particle size distribution to help understand the radiative impact of aerosols in the Arctic under clear sky and cloudy conditions. One of the foci was also the role of Black Carbon for the cloud formation in the Arctic.