NETCARE Summer Campaign

The NETCARE – Summer campaign, taking place in Resolute Bay (Nunavut), is the first of two AWI research aircraft missions in the Arctic as part of NETCARE, initiated by University of Toronto. The aircraft missions are part of a larger project that will make an important contribution to Arctic atmospheric science.  During NETCARE – Summer campaign, 81 flight hours (including ferrying) were operated with Polar 6.

There were multiple goals to this campaign, like to look for evidence of aerosols formed from emissions from the ice or ocean (and compare these particles to those transported in) and to examine relationships between the aerosol and low-level cloud.

One of the highlights was the measurement of the emission plume of the CCGS Amundsen. Three times ship emissions of the Amundsen research icebreaker were measured. The emission plume measurements were carried out during the operation of the CCGS Amundsen in the Lancaster Sound (Northwest Passage) and also under ice conditions operation, North of Somerset Island.