Our Contribution to: From the last interglacial to Anthropocene: Modelling of a complete glacial cycle (PalMod)

Our goal in the BMBF funded project PalMod is to understand and quantify feedback between climate components during glacial-interglacial cycles.

A fundamental question is how to obtain a suitable glacial climate state and how to simulate deglaciation and sea level rise that followed. We investigate mechanisms for abrupt climate changes, test the influence of deglacial meltwater on ocean circulation, and study the stability of ice shelves and ice sheets. In PalMod, different models are used to study the dependence of abrupt climate and carbon changes on solar radiation and greenhouse gases in different configurations.

At AWI we work with the AWI-ESM. Our model strategy is a result of the work on building a modular framework, which ensures that PalMod developments can be reused in other contexts. Another focus is on data-model comparisons.