Mathematical Modelling

The mathematical modelling group is headed by Dr. Judith Hauck. It includes Dr. Silke Thoms and Dr. Christoph Völker as senior scientists as well as the HGF Young Investigator Group MarESys led by Dr. Judith Hauck. Silke Thoms  is an expert in modelling processes on the (sub-)cellular and ecosystem level. Her models are of great help for interpreting experimental results of the phyto-change and paleo-proxies groups as well as for the EcoTrace group. She suggests and helps in designing new experiments. Christoph Völker is one of a handful of worldwide leading experts in the modelling of iron in seawater and its impact on biological production. He develops, runs, and analyses global biogeochemical general circulation models (BOGCMs). 

Prof. Dr. Dieter Wolf-Gladrow, an expert in the marine carbonate system (CO2 in seawater) cooperates closely with the modelling group. His various research interests include climate engineering/geoengineering with emphasis on ocean iron fertilization and enhanced weathering. Currently, the group encompasses two postdocs (Eva Alvarez and Ying Ye), and two PhD students (Anna Pagnone, Razib Vhuijan).



Dr. Judith Hauck