Our questions:

• How do climate, environment and human activities affect cold water marine ecosystems?

• How variable are essential ecosystem processes and functions across large spatial scales and over long time spans?


Our focus:

• We study coastal and shelf communities of the sea floor (of the sediment-water interface)

• We look at the large scales in space (regional systems) and time (decadal to evolutionary time scales)

• We emphasise the human perspective, i.e. we are interested in those ecological functions that are relevant for the goods and services delivered by the ecosystem


Our tasks:

• To collect, secure and make available information -> building and management of geo-referenced information systems

• To determine the evolutionary foundation of ecological dynamics -> molecular biological analysis of functional strategies

• To understand ecosystem “behaviour” -> spatio-temporal analysis and modelling of ecological processes

Head (provisional)
Dr. Inka Bartsch

Petra Meyer

Paul Kloss, Hendrik Pehlke

Publications of the section