PS95 Summary| 29 October till 2 December 2015 (Bremerhaven - Cape Town)

The Polarstern-Expedition PS95

Floating summer school
[29. October 2015] 

The expedition PS 95 is split in two legs: PS95.1 transit cruise from Bremerhaven to Las Palmas and PS 95.2 from Las Palmas to Cape Town. Both legs are dedicated to the training of students.

. During a “floating summer school” an international group of 34 students will be trained in basic techniques of oceanography and marine biology on a North-South transect from Bremerhaven to Cape Town. (North South Atlantic Training: NoSoAT). The participants will learn how to take samples, how to process them and deal with the accompanying data. The main water masses between the North Sea and Cape Town will be characterized in terms of their hydrographic and biological features down to a depth of approx. 500 m. The floating summer school is a joint project between the Alfred Wegener Institute, the POGO Centre of Excellence and the Irish Strategic Marine Alliance for Research & Training (SMART) program. It is funded by the “Stiftung Mercator” the Nippon Foundation / POGO Centre of Excellence.

A further focus during the transit cruise will be physical and chemical measurements for energy and material exchange between ocean and atmosphere (OCEANET).

During the transit cruise from Bremerhaven to Las Palmas hydro acoustic measuring units are tested and calibrated. In the maritime area around the Cape Verde Islands the multi frequency unit EK60 is calibrated to be ready for operation during the upcoming Antarctic season.

Polarstern is scheduled to arrive in Cape Town on 02 December 2015. PS95 will end in Cape Town.



Karin Lochte

Scientific Coordination

Rainer Knust
Rainer Knust


Sanne Bochert
Sanne Bochert