Archive of Weekly Reports from RV Polarstern

PS118 - Weekly Report No. 5 | 11 - 17 March 2019

Further to the North and two more stations

[18. March 2019] 

During the last week, we continued our northward travel to the Erebus and Terror Gulf completing two more stations. Another highlight were curtesy visits between the Polarstern and the Argentinian vessel Almirante Irizar.

PS118 - Weekly Report No. 4 | 4 - 10 March 2019

Northward journey and the first station

[14. March 2019] 

During the last week, we travelled for more than 60 nautical miles to the north and only stopped our journey for the first sampling station where we deployed most of our scientific equipment. Since then, we are busy to analyse water, sediment and benthos samples or to preserve them for later onshore analyses.

PS118 - Weekly Report No. 3 | 25 February - 03 March 2019

Step by step

[11. March 2019] 

We are now almost within sight of A68 and a survey to measure the thickness of the sea ice has already crossed A68. Unfortunately, heavy ice conditions made our progress quite cumbersome. During the past week, we literally nudged our way metre by metre through the ice. At times, our progress was so small that it did not even compensate for the displacement of the ice-drift.

PS118 - Weekly Report No. 2 | 18 - 24 February 2019

On the way

[25. February 2019] 

Right now, we are southeast off James Ross Island in the western Weddell Sea breaking our way to the iceberg A68 and the Larsen C ice shelf. The distance to the northern tip of A68 measures ca. 75 nautical miles (nm), slightly over 135 km. To our working area, the area where A 68 broke of the Larsen C ice shelf, the distance is ca. 180 nm (330 km)…

PS118 - Weekly Report No. 1 | 9. - 17. February 2019

A bumpy start

[18. February 2019] 

We are still in Punta Arenas at the pier in Cabo Negro to take on fuel. Later, we need to take on kerosene for the helicopters and finish last cargo operations. If everything works according to plan, we should hopefully be on our way to Antarctica on Monday morning. However, all in good order …