The expedition GRISO - “Greenland ice sheet/ocean interaction”

PS109 - Weekly Report No. 1 | 12 - 17 September 2017

The expedition GRISO - “Greenland ice sheet/ocean interaction”

Am Nachmittag des 12. September verließ der Forschungseisbrecher Polarstern den Hafen von Tromsø. Mit an Bord sind Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus sieben Nationen, die das Spektrum von Physikalischer Ozeanographie, Geochemie, Glaziologie, Geodäsie, Geologie, Geophysik, Atmosphärenphysik- und Chemie sowie Biologie und Biogeochemie abdecken. Auf der Expedition “Greenland ice sheet/ocean interaction” (GRISO) sollen die komplexen physikalischen Wechselwirkungen zwischen dem Ozean und dem Eisschild in Nordostgrönland sowie deren Auswirkungen auf das marine Ökosystem erforscht werden.

New technical possibilities in the deep sea

PS108 - Weekly Report No. 2 | 29 August - 6 September 2017

New technical possibilities in the deep sea

The second week of our expedition was in focus of the in ROBEX new developed robotic systems.

Expedition „ROBEX-DM“

PS108 - Weekly Report No. 1. | 22 - 28 August 2017

Expedition „ROBEX-DM“

On Tuesday August 22 at 19:00 POLARSTERN left Tromsö with an unusual freight on board into direction of Svalbard. Unusual, because 10 of the 40 scientists on board are space experts and special are also the new and innovative robotic systems, which should improve our capabilities in deep-sea research. The new technologies include 3 different types of benthic crawler, each designed for its specific scientific purpose on the bottom of the sea, a glider for water column studies, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to support AUV operations under sea ice and an underwater mass-spectrometer.

Where is polarstern?

Figures and facts

Port of registry
Length118 metres
Width25 metres
Max. draught11.20 metres
Max. displacement17,277 tons
Empty weight
12,012 tons
Commissioning AWI1982
Engine4 x KHD RBV 8M540
Engine power
19,198 PS (four engines)
Range19,000 nautical miles /
80 days
Max. speed
16 knots
Operation area
Everywhere including pack ice zone
Days on sea per year (2013)
ShipyardNobiskrug, Rendsburg and Howaldswerke - Deutsche Werft Kiel AG, Germany
Scientists per day / long term sailing
none / 53



More Information

Polarstern is not only a research vessel but also a gigantic measuring instrument. Data are constantly collected aboard, some of them are also sent consecutively to different receivers. Further information about Polarstern can be found on the following pages:


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