Guest science at the AWI Sylt

The AWI Wadden Sea Station on the island of Sylt offers access to visiting scientists and student courses from all countries. The station is well equipped to work on a range of research topics and has direct access to an impressive array of habitats such as tidal flats, salt marshes, seagrass meadows, mussel beds, oyster reefs and sand dunes. Wave and wind-driven currents on the North Sea side of the island result in highly unstable offshore sediments, providing excellent opportunities for investigations of geological and sediment processes.

Facilities for visiting scientists

Labs and equipment

The station has two dedicated guest laboratories equipped with WLAN, basic microscopes (stereo and binocular), scales, freshwater and seawater supplies, refrigerators, drying ovens and a fume hood. 
In addition to the basic facilities outlined above, visiting scientists that are collaborating with a local researcher have access to the nutrient analysis (e.g. autoanalyser, C/N analyser, muffle furnaces, spectrophotometers, salinometers) and micro- and molecular biology laboratories (e.g. clean bench, shaking incubator, PCR, real-time PCR, and QIAxcel capillary electrophoresis), as well as to the new temperature-constant rooms equipped with CO2 and other gas supplies and the outdoor mesocosm complex comprised of twelve 1800 liter replicate tanks capable of simulating ocean warming and acidification under various tidal conditions.


Excursions on the research ship Mya II

List is the home harbour of the AWI´s new, state-of-the-art research vessel (Mya II) that can be hired for short research cruises to take pelagic or benthic samples. The Mya II is additionally equipped with a wet lab, IT desk for data uploading, Ferry Box, ADCP (acoustic doppler current profiler), BIOSONIC (biomass echo sounder), and a multi beam echosounder. 



Application form for guest scientists

Scientists who are interested in visiting our station should contact Dr. Lisa Shama for more information. 

Application forms can be found here (Guest science application form).

Guest science coordinator

Dr. Lisa Shama






Technical support

Birgit Hussel

Student courses

The Wadden Sea is a unique area with extensive intertidal flats. It provides habitats for a rich flora and fauna which is adapted to the extreme and dynamic conditions prevailing in the Wadden Sea. The vicinity of its primary research object – tidal flats - make special experimental approaches possible. The station has a long history of hosting university student courses ranging from tidal flat ecology to immunobiology to food web analysis. In addition, an increasing number of workshops, symposia and special courses have been organized in recent years. In 2007, the station was expanded and renovated, now offering a state-of-the-art course room. Courses offered in 2016 can be found here.

Facilities for courses

Course room

We have a state-of-the-art course room, fully equipped for up to 16 students. Each student has his/her own desk, stereo- and binocular microscope. Smaller lab equipment such as photometers, flourometers, pH-, O2- and salinity meters is also available.  A microscope with camera and monitor is in place for lectures and demonstrations, as well as 2 computers with WLAN and access to our online library. The course room itself has a small library containing identification keys, textbooks, and other informative material. Additionally, there is a wet lab with aquaria and a flow-through seawater system on hand.

 The station also has a large seminar room equipped with a multimedia system that can sit up to 50 people.

Excursions on the research ship Mya II

Each course can make a field trip with the research ship ”Mya II” to collect study material and to demonstrate sampling techniques. If special biological material is needed, this can be arranged in advance with the technical assistant. Research trips on the Mya II need to be arranged well in advance. Please contact Mrs. Birgit Hussel for more information.

Application form for courses at the AWI Sylt

Scientific support is offered by Dr. Lisa Shama. Technical assistance is provided by Mrs. Birgit Hussel. Teachers who are interested in conducting courses should fill out an application form here and send it to Annabell Mitzel.