Submission Process

Start with combining your application form and documents.

Please submit all documents as a single PDF file, if possible. Please label the file as:


Please, include the following in the order listed: 1. Application form, 2. CV, 3.Transcripts and certificates for diploma/s, MSc and/or PhD, if applicable, 4. Copies of other certificates, awards, etc. that are relevant to the NF-POGO CofE-AWI (as described above, these are not required but may be included), 7. Reference letters

Apply online with your personal data and upload your application file.

If your internet connection is too unstable to upload the file, you can send your application to

For any questions mail to

Your Submission

What is required for Submission of a "Complete Application File?"

1. A completed (filled in) Application Form (word docx; pdf)

2. CV

3. Copies of transcripts of your BSc Degree

4. Copies of the Diploma or your BSc Degree certificate

5. IF APPLICABLE - copies of transcripts and certificates for Diploma(s), MSc and/or PhD

6. Three letters of reference.

Three letters of reference: Please include your reference letters in the pdf document. If this isn't possible, because of the deadline knowing that some supervisors are engaged in field work, we can receive the reference letters directly from the source (i.e., please ask your references to email their letters to us at as Yourfamilyname_reference.pdf.)