Meiofauna galore!

Our guest scientist Prof Marco Curini has spent a few days on Helgoland in July 2015 to study the meiofauna (particularly the Proseriata a group within the interstitial microtubullaria) in various habitats. Surprisingly he found a lot of 'regulars' indicating little spatio-temporal variability. Just as interesting however, was the large number of species recorded for the first time at Helgoland.

Short report and species list by Prof. Curini

Rare Ciliate - Rediscovered at Helgoland

The ciliate Urceolaria korschelti living in the oral region of an intertidal chiton, was first described around Helgoland and not seen after (or possibly never looked for).In 2014 a BAH guest scientist from Canada investigated a number of chitons and indeed dicovered the ciliate. Samples were taken and investigated with molecular techniques.