Antje Boetius receives the Federal Cross of Merit

Commitment to preserving the oceans honoured
[02. October 2019] 

On 2 October, AWI Director Prof Antje Boetius officially received the Federal Cross of Merit. At the event, Germany’s Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier commended her commitment to preserving the oceans and combating the on-going destruction of the environment.

Under the motto “Courage for the Future: Transcending Borders” and marking the anniversary of German Unity Day, the President presented 25 citizens with the Federal Cross of Merit: “These are all people who use their conviction and courage to shape our society and our future, transcending borders to do so.”

According to the official explanation for her selection, Boetius not only contributes her research in numerous international committees, but also makes the latest oceanographic findings available to a broad audience; her voice commands great credence, and is taken seriously. Moreover: “The on-going destruction of the environment and climate crisis show how important her commitment to our future is: our planet’s future especially depends on protecting the oceans.”

Antje Boetius is a Professor at the University of Bremen, and has led the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research since November 2017.