Lobsters on Helgoland

Researchers installed rearing facilities in the ecological laboratory of the Alfred Wegener Institute on Helgoland in the 1990ies. They cultivate animals from the egg to immature lobsters so that they do not need to catch any animals in the field for their research. The development, growth, behavior and physiology of this crustacean species are some important aspects for the scientists. 

Many islanders and guests are interested in Helgolands heraldic animal and want to support it. The Biological Institute Helgoland of the Alfred Wegener Institute offers in cooperation with the community of the island the possibility to adopt a lobster since 2008. Each sponsor receives a certificate, can visit “his” lobster and get some information about the biology of the species. Furthermore the sponsors can join the moment when “their” lobsters are released into the wild after almost one year in the laboratory. 

The gallery and the video give you some impressions. On the website of Helgoland community you find more information about the sponsorship.

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Press release

Video: Into the wild

At the AWI site on Helgoland scientists cultivate lobsters for their research. Important aspects are the growth and the development in the wild. In the video you see lobsters transported to their new home, the floor on the ocean.

Camera and editing: Uwe Nettelmann