Event Highlights

Take a look at past public events of the Alfred Wegener Institute - the highlights of the past years at a glance.

European Maritime Day 2014

Virtual Expedition to the Arctic


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In 2014 the European Maritime Day took place in Bremen for the first time. As a kick-off event, the Hanseatic city celebrated a "Bürgerfest" (citizens' festival) on Sunday, 18 May 2014, near the river Weser, where the Alfred Wegener Institute invited visitors to take a walkabout on the research vessel Heincke.

Around 1,000 scientists, politicians and top managers from all European countries with seacoast held a meeting in Bremen on 19 and 20 May. They discussed current issues of environmental protection, use of raw materials and new technologies.

The European Maritime Day is one of the most important maritime events in Europe and was launched by the European Union in the year of 2008.

The Concept of the Installation on RV Heincke

Welcome aboard the research vessel HEINCKE - was the motto of the installation on RV Heincke. Visitors were taken on a virtual expedition voyage in Arctic waters of Spitsbergen. On board they expected a multimedia tour with video projections of breathtaking landscapes and lifelike sounds of a research vessel under full steam and scientific equipment at your fingertips.

Visitors were able to listen to personal reports and anecdotes of the expedition participants and AWI biologists outlined the impact of global warming on the largest ecosystem in the world and whether the ocean is actually becoming more acid.

Atlantic and Polar Cod under stress - this short movie (in German language) was shown on board.