Data and Scientific Information Products

The Computing and Data Centre of Alfred Wegener Institute, together with AWI library and PANGAEA, is responsible for the dissemination of and reporting about publication and data products of AWI research and research infrastructures maintained by AWI. It provides services and support for databases and software tools developed by individuals and groups at AWI.  Below is a compact list of the major publications, data collections and software tools supported by AWI.


Portals developed by the Computing and Data Centre, PANGAEA and others, enable a joint view of a variety of results from AWI expeditions, infrastructures, projects, or other points of view. "Results" include scientific products such as journal articles and data, but also background information such as cruise reports, needed or helpful to establish the context of each individual piece of result.


EXPEDITION - a portal framework for discovery and re-use of varios types of georeferenced expedition-related content (reports, publications, tracklines, stations, datasets and data products) associated with AWI research platforms, in particular the research vessels Polarstern and Heincke
Contact: Dr. Ana Macario, Dr. Roland Koppe
Mail:  expedition(at)

Data Portal German Marine Research

The data portal offers an integrative framework for coherent discovery, visualization, download and dissemination of scientific data originating from nationally operated research platforms and monitoring facilities (vessels, observatories, campaigns, web services). The content originates from German marine research institutions ranging from cruise-related metadata to archived and near real time data, data products, reports and publications. Our data providers cooperate within the German Marine Research Alliance

Contact: Dr. Roland Koppe, Dr. Angela Schäfer



The portal is an initiative of Helmholtz Climate Initiative on Regional climate change (REKLIM)  and is developed with the Climate office and the section Sea Ice Physics. It offers both information about sea ice for the general public and sea ice relevant data for scientists.

Head of Data Division
Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner

Deputy Head of Data Division
Dr. Angela Schäfer


Data Logistics Support
Peter Gerchow


Data Science Support
Dr. Tilman Dinter


Software Engineering
Dr. Roland Koppe


Dr. Janine Felden




Data Flow Framework

A generic and sustainable framework for enabling the seamless flow of sensor observation to archives.  This framework builds upon international OGC standards for metadata and data interoperability and is meant to assist scientists in developing enhanced data products and in facilitating the data re-use.  AWI's data flow framework consists of seven modular and extensible components as depicted below.  Learn more


The AWI operates and maintains various platforms for data collection; one comprehensive (PANGAEA), other dedicated to infrastructures (DShip) or collections (Hustedt):


PANGAEA - a repository for georeferenced data for earth and environmental sciences operating as an open access data library.
PANGAEA is a member of the ICSU World Data System (WDS) and is being jointly hosted AWI and the Center for Marine Environmental Science (MARUM) at the University of Bremen (additional information).
Contact: Dr. Janine Felden, Mail:


DSHIP - a database for raw data acquired by various sensors at AWI aircraft, research vessels and land-based stations. It supports direct data download via web forms.

Contact: Peter Gerchow


World Radiation Monitoring Center (WRMC), the central archive of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN). All radiation measurements are stored together with collocated surface and upper-air meteorological observations and station metadata in an integrated database. These pages offer both: Information for all scientists who will use BSRN-data as well as information to any station scientist who delivers data.


GIS - an open access collection of AWI GIS products (work-in-progress; see addtional information)

Contact: Dr. Antonie Haas


eWOCE - a database for the world ocean circulation experiment  WOCE along with software package ODV (Ocean Data View).

Contact: Dr. Reiner Schlitzer

Hustedt Diatoms

Hustedt Diatoms - a georeferenced database for the Friederich Hustedt Diatom specimen, among others.  It includes related publications

Contact: Dr. Bánk Beszteri


PlanktonNet - a database for plankton-related information including taxonomy, description and imagery on various plankton collections.

Contact: Dr. Alexandra Kraberg

Makroalgen Helgoland

Geophysical Observatory


AWI maintains a repository of its publications and publishes or supports the publication of journals specific to AWI research topics:


EPIC - a repository for publications, presentations, dissertations and reports.  Long-term archival and persistant identifiers are included in our services.

Contact: Dr. Ana Macario

Reports on Polar and Marine Research

The Reports on Polar and Marine Research contain presentations and results of research activities in polar regions and in the seas either carried out by the AWI or with its support. Publications comprise expedition reports of the ships, aircrafts, and stations operated by the AWI, research results (incl. dissertations) of the Institute and the Archiv für deutsche Polarforschung, as well as abstracts and proceedings of national and international conferences and workshops of the AWI.

Editor: Dr. Horst Bornemann, Assistant editor: Birgit Reimann


Polarforschung - published by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Polarforschung (DGP) and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) - is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary research journal that publishes the results of scientific research related to the Arctic and Antarctic realm, as well as to mountain regions associated with polar climate.

Chief editor: Dieter K. Fütterer

Helgoland Research

The journal Helgoland Marine Research publishes original research papers, invited reviews, and commentary on all aspects and levels of the biology of marine and brackish water organisms. Helgoland Marine Research is published by Springer, sponsored by AWI.

Prof. Dr. Maarten Boersma


AWI scientists develop software systems, tools or libraries to support AWI's or their individual research. Some of it is published under various, mainly open licensing schemes. 

Ocean Data View

Ocean Data View - a software package for the interactive exploration, analysis and visualization of oceanographic and other geo-referenced profile or sequence data.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Reiner Schlitzer



PDAF - das Parallele Daten-Assimilations Framework ist ein Software-Framework für Ensemble-basierte Datenassimilation mit hochdimensionalen Modellen

Contact: Dr. Lars Nerger

Bioinformatics Suite

Bioinformatics Suite  -  a set of tools to help biologists in phylogenetic annotation of unknown open reading frames or protein sequences

Contact: Prof. Dr. Stephan Frickenhaus


PERPLEX  -  a software package for planning an excuting seagoing research expeditions (additional information)

Contact: Gerd Rohardt


PANGAEA Suite  -  a set of tools for convertion and visualization of scientific data

Contact: Dr. Janine Felden