Dr. Luis Gimenez


Division Biosciences | Shelf Sea System Ecology
Email Luis Gimenez
Phone +49(4725)819-3355
Fax +49(4725)819-3369
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
27498 Helgoland
( Room -107)

Publications and more

Publications, Presentations and Reports: EPIC repository
Data: PANGAEA repository

Research interests

Benthic ecology:
Rocky shores, disturbance,stressors
Coastal lagoons: hypoxia, eutrophication
Larval transport and supply:
Biodiversity - metacommunity dynamics
Habitat connectivity
Energy flows and meta-ecosystem dynamics
Spatial ecology and spatial statistics
Ecological consequences of intraspecfic phenotypic variation

Personal page: luisgimeneznoya.wixsite.com/luis-gimenez-