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Stormy Transit from Norway to Greenland

Stormy Transit from Norway to Greenland

Andreas Muenchow, University of Delaware, USA | A storm closed the deck of R/V Polarstern on our first day at sea. Within hours of leaving port in Tromso, Norway, with its sheltered fjords, mountains, and rocks, we entered the open Barents Sea...

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27.01.2017 - Arctic blog: 79 Degrees North

Snow + wind = snow in every corner…how to kill time.

Snow + wind = snow in every corner…how to kill time.

A new year has come and it seems like winter is finally there too.  The snow cover has gotten better since a while already, but latley the temperatures have dropped  quite a bit  as well.  But above all, we had wind. A lot of wind. Wind with snow...

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Ökosysteme der Weser vom Oberlauf bis in die Nordsee werden in den kommenden drei Jahren auf Mikroplastik-Kontamination hin untersucht. Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung-Programm #FONA fördert das Projekt #PLAWES unter Leitung der... Read facebook entry


Scientists on board RV #Polarstern report on the current expedition in the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren-Polarstern blog. (fm)

Photo: Andreas Muenchow

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20.09.2017 @AWI_de

@mccoin_david All fine at NMIII-station: Spotlight+snowdrift during start of weather balloon responsible for "blinding" webcam. (fm)

20.09.2017 @AWI_de

Wir drücken AWI-Forscher Michael Kloster mit Antarktis-Kieselalgen-Krimi "Sex, Gewalt und Völlerei" die Daumen. (fm) t.co/RmDQJwiQYy


Führungen im Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Guided Tour

Führungen im Alfred-Wegener-Institut
Guided Tours in GERMAN Language

When: Sa, 16.09.2017 - We, 06.12.2017
Where: Alfred-Wegener-Institut (Wegener-Haus)
Who: Alfred Wegener Institute / more >

Open Lecture

So vertraut und doch so fremd: unser Müll in den Ozeanen

When: Mo, 09.10.2017 - Mo, 09.10.2017 | 19:00 Uhr
Where: Alfred-Wegener-Institut (Wegener-Haus)
Who: Alfred Wegener Institute / more >


"Arctic Amplification - The Role of Mixed-Phase Clouds"

When: We, 25.10.2017 - We, 25.10.2017 | 14:00
Where: Alfred Wegener Institute, Lecture Hall in the Wegener House
Who: AWI, Climate Sciences Division / more >

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