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Measuring ice and snow thickness : Poke it with a stick

Measuring ice and snow thickness : Poke it with a stick

By Damien Ringeisen | (Last blogpost from PS115.2 expedition to the Arctic after Polarstern’s arrival in Bremerhaven) Is there a more iconic picture than a polar bear stranded on a piece of ice to illustrate climate change? As everybody...

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27.01.2017 - Arktis-Blog: 79 Grad Nord

Snow + wind = snow in every corner…how to kill time.

Snow + wind = snow in every corner…how to kill time.

A new year has come and it seems like winter is finally there too.  The snow cover has gotten better since a while already, but latley the temperatures have dropped  quite a bit  as well.  But above all, we had wind. A lot of wind. Wind with snow...

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Global warming is leaving more and more apparent scars in the world’s permafrost regions: New global study reveals rising soil temperatures. (nam)

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New call for applications to join the 10 month training of the Nippon Foundation-POGO Centre of Excellence at the Alfred Wegener Institute. The training will start in September 2019. The target beneficiaries are the ocean experts of the future... Read facebook entry

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Der #Klimawandel hinterlässt immer deutlichere Spuren in den Permafrostregionen der Welt: Neue Vergleichsstudie zei… t.co/tY2Th1IwEf

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Warum sind die Polargebiete wichtig für das Klima auf der ganzen Welt? Welche Tiere leben dort? Und forschen wie Po… t.co/FH3mKlYS5Y

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RT @BR_Wissen: Normalerweise pflügt sich die #Polarstern durchs Eis. Das Forschungsschiff ist schließlich ein Eisbrecher! Für die größte #A…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 !

Das AWI bedankt sich bei allen Mitarbeitern, Partnern und Förderern für die gute Zusammenarbeit in 2018 und wünscht Ihnen/Euch frohe Weihnachten und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr!

The AWI thanks all employees, partners and sponsors for the good...

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