50th European Marine Biology Symposium on Helgoland

The island of Helgoland has a long tradition of marine research. The First marine Station was established in 1892 with the current building dating back to 1959. Indeed the first Marine Biology Symposium was hosted on Helgoland in 1966 and we are proud to welcome Marine Scientists on the island again to celebrate 50 years of Marine Biological achievements.

Helgoland has developed a vibrant and diverse research community over the years. It boasts one of the oldest and most detailed phytoplankton data sets in the world (Helgoland Roads), performs a wide range of experimental and mesocosm studies to investigate microplankton and microbial foodweb interactions. Helgoland also has a long and successful tradition in other zoological and botanical research fields for instance macroalgal research. Additional lines of research are being developed all the time. These include the use of molecular tools for characterising microbial communities, research on microplastics as well as technical development work on new sensors for long-term observations.

This exciting research environment makes Helgoland and its Biologische Anstalt Helgland an ideal setting for the 50th EMBS.




September 20th 18:00, Nordseehalle

MBA Poster prizes

The MBA sponsors 3 prizes:

1. prize 250 Euros

2. prize 100 Euros

3. prize   50 Euros

Further Info: Matt Frost or Alexandra Street

MARS Poster Prizes

3 poster prizes sponsored by MARS

1. prize 250 Euros

2./3. prize 100 Euros each


The conference programme is available here


EMBS Special issue in JMBA agreed

Provisional deadline for manuscript submission: November 30th 2015. All contributors of oral or poster presentations are encouraged to make a submission. Normal JMBA submission and peer review rules apply.