Dr. Vera Schlindwein

Vera Schlindwein
Division Geosciences | Geophysics | MOVE - Mid-Ocean Volcanoes and Earthquakes
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Email Vera Schlindwein
Phone +49(471)4831-1943
Fax +49(471)4831-1149
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Am Alten Hafen 26,
D-27568 Bremerhaven
(Room D-3220)
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Research program

PACES II 3.2: Earth system on tectonic time scales: From greenhouse to icehouse world


Emmy Noether junior research group MOVE "Mid-Ocean Volcanoes and Earthquakes";

Research interests

Seismicity of ultraslow-spreading ridges;Mid-ocean ridge processes;Volcano seismology and seismology on ice;Multidisciplinary characterisation of the Earth's crust;

Latest Publications

Conference Item
Seismicity & magmatism beneath the ocean - Witnessing the creation of new lithosphere (2015)
Schmid, Florian; Schlindwein, Vera; Koulakov, Ivan; Plötz, Aline
hdl: 10013/epic.46184

Conference Item
Contrasting spreading processes at Gakkel Ridge across the 3°E boundary shaped the Arctic Ocean lithosphere (2015)
Schlindwein, Vera; Schmid, Florian
hdl: 10013/epic.45649

Conference Item
What can we learn from microearthquakes about the birth of new oceanic lithosphere? (2015)
Schmid, Florian; Schlindwein, Vera; Kaul, Norbert; Can, Gromoll
hdl: 10013/epic.45496

Pattern of cryospheric seismic events observed at Ekström ice shelf, Antarctica (2015)
Hammer, Conny; Ohrnberger, Matthias; Schlindwein, Vera
hdl: 10013/epic.45645

Conference Item
Observation of unusually deep seismicity below an amagmatic ultraslow spreading Mid Ocean Ridge segment (2015)
Schmid, Florian; Schlindwein, Vera
hdl: 10013/epic.45041