Dr. Gert König-Langlo

Gert König-Langlo
Division Climate Sciences | Polar Meteorology
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Email Gert König-Langlo
Phone +49(471)4831-1806
Fax +49(471)4831-1149
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Bussestraße 24,
D-27570 Bremerhaven
(Room F-114)

Research program

PACES II 1.1: The polar atmosphere, interaction with sea ice, ocean and frozen land


Director of the World Radiation Monitoring Center (WRMC) of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN, www.bsrn.awi.de/); raporteur of the BSRN Working group of the International Radiation Commission; scientific leader of the meteorological observatories of the Antarctic station Neumayer and the research vessel Polarstern; member of the "SCAR Expert Group on Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic"; data curator of the Meteorological Information System MISAWI;Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) contact person.

Research interests

atmospheric radiation;polar atmospheric boundary layer;ozone chemistry;climate variability;

Latest Publications

Conference Item
The impact of specific surface area and clouds on surface albedo: Investigations made at Kohnen Station, Antarctica, during summer 2013/2014 (2015)
Belke Brea, Maria; Birnbaum, Gerit; Freitag, Johannes; Kipfstuhl, Sepp; Humbert, Angelika; Schaefer, Michael; König-Langlo, Gert; Loose, Bernd

Conference Item
About the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (2015)
König-Langlo, Gert; Long, Chuck; Sieger, Rainer; Driemel, Amelie; Schmithüsen, Holger; Cohrs, Wolfgang; Raffel, Bonnie
hdl: 10013/epic.45515

Conference Item
AWS activities of AWI in Antarctica (2015)
Schmithüsen, Holger; König-Langlo, Gert; Loose, Bernd; Lüpkes, Christof
hdl: 10013/epic.45917

Conference Item
The global land surface energy balance and its representation in CMIP5 models (2015)
Wild, Martin; Folini, Doris; Hakuba, Maria; Schär, Christoph; Seneviratne, Sonia; Kato, Seiji; Rutan, David; Ammann, Christoph; Wood, Eric; König-Langlo, Gert
hdl: 10013/epic.45414

Conference Item
Inference of cloud altitude and optical properties from MAX-DOAS measurements (2015)
Nasse, Jan-Marcus; Zielcke, Johannes; Frieß, Udo; Lampel, Johannes; König-Langlo, Gert; Platt, Ulrich
hdl: 10013/epic.45412