George Tanski

George Tanski
Division Geosciences | Periglacial Research | COPER: Coastal permafrost erosion, organic carbon and nutrient release in the Arctic nearshore zone
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Email George Tanski
Phone +49(331)288-2142
Fax +49(331)288-2122
Address Alfred Wegener Institute
Telegrafenberg A43,
D-14473 Potsdam
(Room A45-109)

Research program

PACES II 1.3: Degrading permafrost landscapes; carbon, energy and water fluxes

Latest Publications

Conference Item
Permafrost carbon degradation and transport pathways at thermokarst coasts in the Arctic (2016)
Tanski, George; Ruttor, Saskia; Lantuit, Hugues; Knoblauch , Christian; Radosavljevic, Boris; Ramage, Justine; Mollenhauer, Gesine; Strauss, Jens; Fritz, Michael
hdl: 10013/epic.48176

Conference Item
Dissolved organic matter properties in arctic coastal waters are strongly influenced by fluxes from permafrost coasts and by local meteorology. (2016)
Fritz, Michael; Tanski, George; Goncalves-Araujo, Rafael; Heim, Birgit; Koch, Boris; Lantuit, Hugues
hdl: 10013/epic.48132

Conference Item
Erosion of ice-rich permafrost coasts and the release of dissolved organic carbon into the Arctic Ocean (2016)
Tanski, George; Couture, N. J.; Lantuit, Hugues; Eulenburg, Antje; Fritz, Michael
hdl: 10013/epic.48177

Conference Item
PYRN General Assembly: Report from the current (2014-2016) and election of the new Executive Committee (2016-2018) (2016)
Tanski, George; Bevington, Alexandre; Frolov, Denis; Strauss, Jens; Lenz, Josefine; Kuznetsova, Elena; Hogström, Elin; Maslakov, Alexey; Harder, Silvie; Radosavljevic, Boris; Schneider, Andrea; Longo, William
hdl: 10013/epic.48178

Conference Item
Rapid Permafrost Carbon Degradation at the Land-Ocean Interface (2015)
Tanski, George; Ruttor, Saskia; Lantuit, Hugues; Knoblauch, Christian; Ramage, Justine; Radosavljevic, Boris; Mollenhauer, Gesine; Fritz, Michael
hdl: 10013/epic.48179

Latest Datasets

Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in Arctic ground ice, from northwest Canada, east Siberia, and Alaska (2015)
Fritz, Michael; Opel, Thomas; Tanski, George; Herzschuh, Ulrike; Meyer, Hanno; Eulenburg, Antje; Lantuit, Hugues