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Engineer within the field of optics, electronics, physical technique, electro technique

Code: 5/ÜWI-P
Faculty: Logistics
Job type: Full time
Location: Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard

Starting each January 1, Logistics Department of AWI is seeking to appoint an

Engineer within the field of optics, electronics, physical technique, electro technique

as a technical staff member and winterer at the joint German-French Arctic station (AWIPEV Base) in Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard.

The tasks of the engineer will be the execution of long-time measurements in the field of optics (spectrometer, multi wave lengths Lidar etc.) and other methods such as micro wave radiometry, in situ measurements with balloon sounding, as well as control and maintenance of the scientific instruments at the base.

The wintering will take place in one of the most beautiful places of Svalbard in the international research village of Ny-Ålesund where more than 10 nations have founded their bases. Ny-Ålesund is equipped with modern infrastructure and corresponding recreation facilities. The AWIPEV Base consists of several buildings housing modern laboratories, office rooms and living space.

Please find further information on the joint German-French base under:

Mandatory are a valid driver’s license, and proficiency in English and German. Proficiency in French will be an advantage, moreover a motorboat license and knowledge in first aid would be appreciated.

The employment is limited to 24 months. Within this period of time a stay at the polar base for more that 12 months will follow after job training at the AWI. The preparedness to work under Arctic conditions is absolutely mandatory for the employment. During the employment at the AWI there will be a deputation to the Research Unit Potsdam for the period before and after the stay at polar base.

Employment contract and payment comply with the wage and working agreement (TVöD) as applied at AWI. During the stay abroad an extra charge will be paid.

The AWI is aiming to increase the number of female employees within the technical staff and is expressly inviting qualified female engineers to apply for the position.

Disabled applicants will basically be preferred in case of equal professional and personal skills, please note the information on our home page under Jobs.

As the base is operated jointly with Institut Polaire Français Paul Emil Victor (IPEV) the interview will be in English and a member of the IPEV staff will participate.

Please send your application (CV, photo and copies of certifications) before August 31, each year, indicating 5/ÜWI-P to

Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
Attn. Dr. Roland Neuber
Postfach 60 01 49
14401 Potsdam

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